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10/11 NHL All-Star Game: Marvel vs. DC

It seems the NHL has put a bit of a twist on this year’s All-Star Game, as they have called upon the superheroes of DC and Marvel comics to participate rather than the regular superstars of the NHL’s 30 teams. Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the decision yesterday at a press conference in a move that “will change the scene of the All-Star weekend and provide fans with some much needed refreshment.” Fans will be treated to a 60 minute contest pitting the best against the best, a game so colossal it will surely reach otherwise unobtainable proportions.

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The Stanley Cup Trap – A Bottom Feeder’s Relish

Today’s salary cap ridden NHL forces general managers into a success trap. The better your team performs, the more you’ll pay for it later, literally. The 09/10 Stanley Cup winners present a perfect example, as Stan Bowman suddenly found himself with a championship team full of young stars waiting for pay raises. Even with the salary cap to be raised from $56.8 million to $59.4 million, Bowman was forced to pull off several strategic manoeuvres in trading some of his pivotal players while maintaining Chicago’s proven core of budding superstars. The Blackhawks, barely managing to stay under the cap, lost several young guns which other teams benefited from. Here’s a look at how the former Blackhawk’s have performed on their new NHL teams, and how Chicago has performed under the circumstances in the 2010 – 11 season.

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New Abnormal Creature Found in Deep Ocean

The bizarre, newly-revealed squidworm — a free-swimming worm with up to 10 squid-like limbs — is one of a host of strange discoveries that await scientists in the vast, largely unexplored spaces of the deep ocean.

New anatomical and genetic analysis of the squidworm (Teuthidodrilus samae) has revealed it to be a segmented worm — an annelid, just as the earthworm is. But its appearance is far stranger than any backyard night crawler you’ve ever seen.

The slimy animal’s flattened body is about 3.5 inches long. It possesses 25 or more pairs of translucent white paddles arranged on its sides for swimming and up to 10 fragile, tentacle-like appendages at its head that are the same length as its body or longer.

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Top Ten Ways to Tell That You’re a Fighter in the NHL

The role of a fighter in the NHL is one that has evolved through the years as the game has changed. The famous fighters from the 70’s and 80’s were some of the toughest, grittiest men you could meet, and they refused to let anybody near their team’s star players. Many of the fighters in the 90’s were more dynamic, as they added a scoring touch to their ability to drop the gloves on a nightly basis. Lately, and especially since the lock-out, fighting has become more of a staged performance. Today’s tough men fight more for show and to spark their team rather than in defence of their teammates. The once dynamic role has now dwindled into a position that requires less skill, and more ability to throw a jab. The following is a top ten list of why you might be a fighter in today’s NHL:

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Three struck by vehicle, father sentenced 5 years

One month after pleading guilty to three charges of attempted murder, Scarborough father Selvanayagam Selladurai was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison.

In what was described as an “attempted honour killing” by Crown attorney Eadit Rokach, Selladurai faces the consequence for running down his son-in-law, daughter, and her boyfriend close to Stephen Leacock Collegiate, on Birchmount Rd., south of Bonis Ave.

Selladurai’s daughter, Anitha Selvanayagam, 16, dated her 18 year old boyfriend, Prashanna Anadarajah, despite her father’s disapproval. Selladurai chastised the relationship because the boyfriend came from a lower caste in the Sri Lankan community, court heard.

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2010 Lou Marsh Trophy

The Lou Marsh Trophy, awarded annually to Canada’s top athlete, may be in for a bit of a horse race this year. After Toronto born Joey Votto was granted the 2010 N.L. M.V.P.  Monday, competition stiffened enormously.

Votto’s opponent?  Chicago Blackhawk’s star captain Jonathan Toews. While garnering one of baseball’s two MVP awards was no easy feat for Votto, being awarded Best Forward at the Vancouver Olympics, Conn Smythe in the 2010 NHL finals, and leading a team to the Stanley Cup was definitely not a walk in the park for Toews either.

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University of Toronto at Scarborough, Not Your Typical Work Field

Universities and colleges around North America are commonly known to be party hubs, a place for teenagers and young adults alike to celebrate through whatever means necessary while working to fulfill the rest of their lives.

Many students graduate from secondary school and move on to their post secondary education with two things in mind: what they want to be when they graduate, and when the next party is. So how does this bode for the students who work as Residence Advisors (Ra’s) who have to interfere with these parties?

The RA’s at UTSC have the esteemed honour of representing the top school in Canada, and the 17th best in the world in The Higher Education’s 2010 ranking. It is the duty of an RA to make sure that students don’t party too hard andor breach the rules and regulations of residence at UTSC.  It is their duty to uphold the University of Toronto’s reverence, to many a student’s dismay.

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