No City Hall for Hall… Again

In almost a mirror image of the 2006 election, Diana Hall is second best for the second time in her bid for councillor of Ward 44. After losing to Ron Moeser by only 0.4 per cent four years ago, Hall lost by 1.3 per cent Monday night.

“I’m actually surprised. I just feel that maybe some of our people didn’t get out,” Hall told her disappointed supporters in her campaign office on Rylander Avenue after the results came in.

Visibly upset, and a bit teary eyed, all Hall could do was accept her fate.

“I was surprised that Ron won, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles,” Hall added.

The night started off well when half way through the vote count Diana had the upper hand over Ron Moeser. CP 24 even announced Hall to be the victor a mere 15 minutes after polls closed, but that proved to be premature.

As the night progressed Hall watched her lead dwindle down to as little as nine votes with only two polls left to be counted. Hall became noticeably nervous when the second last poll revealed a sudden deficit of 37 votes.

To add to the already tense atmosphere, it would be another 45 minutes before the final poll was counted, and a winner declared. The crowd at hand, hoping for a last minute comeback, was crudely greeted with a sudden surge of late votes for Moeser.

“I wish it hadn’t been a horserace, but it was, it really was (…) In the end it was that last poll.” Hall said, expressing her indignation with how the events of the night unfolded.

After what seemed to be a successful campaign to Hall, the results proved to be that much more of a shock.

“We certainly got positive feedback door to door, I felt that this was a really positive election,” Hall said.

In her campaign Hall focused strongly on transit issues, vehicle registration tax, and budget reduction. Hall addressed traffic problems by proposing the subway line be extended north to the Toronto Zoo, and planned on eliminating the vehicle registration tax altogether.

When asked if she would have a problem reducing her budget, Hall stated:

“absolutely, there’s no problem reducing that. I’m not in it for self promotion (…) I don’t need the $1000 chair or expensive rent for my office.”

Ironically, due to budgetary reasons, Hall stated that she will probably not be running in four years. Her future, as of now, is undecided.

“After today I’ll take down the campaign, and that takes a while. Who knows what the future will bring. You know, things happen for a reason.” Hall said, addressing questions of what her plans are after the election.

With the next four years virtually unplanned, Hall has plenty of time to reconsider whether she will run again, and prove the old adage the ‘third time’s a charm’ to be true.

By Kyle Larkin

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