Three struck by vehicle, father sentenced 5 years

One month after pleading guilty to three charges of attempted murder, Scarborough father Selvanayagam Selladurai was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison.

In what was described as an “attempted honour killing” by Crown attorney Eadit Rokach, Selladurai faces the consequence for running down his son-in-law, daughter, and her boyfriend close to Stephen Leacock Collegiate, on Birchmount Rd., south of Bonis Ave.

Selladurai’s daughter, Anitha Selvanayagam, 16, dated her 18 year old boyfriend, Prashanna Anadarajah, despite her father’s disapproval. Selladurai chastised the relationship because the boyfriend came from a lower caste in the Sri Lankan community, court heard.

“This court cannot condone people resorting to violent criminal actions against family members because it would bring shame to the family,” said Justice John McMahon.

Selladurai’s ‘criminal actions’ resulted in a three week tenure in the hospital for Selvanayagam who suffered a lacerated liver, a hemorrhage to the head, and a fractured clavicle among several minor injuries.

His son in law, Lenin Sandrasingam, 21, currently walks with a cane due to a broken pelvic bone he suffered from in the incident.

Anadarajah escaped with nothing more than a sprained ankle, as he dodged the oncoming white van which managed to drag Sandrasingam and Selvanayagam for five metres until a fence halted its course.

A psych report performed on Selladurai stated that he has “suffered from moderately severe depression for a year under the influence of alcohol,” McMahon read. After attempting to commit suicide Selladurai was prescribed medication, which he was not on during the course of the incident.

Selladurai threatened to kill Anadarajah after stepping out of his vehicle and chased him toward the school where a teacher would hold off any altercations, said the judge. Selladurai also stated that he believed Anadarajah was a gang leader.

The five year sentence came after a subtraction of 11 months due to the 5.5 months Selladurai had already served leading up to the trial. Paired with the sentence was a ten year ban on firearms and explosives.

The incident occurred on June 1, 2007, where after Selladurai pled guilty to the lesser charges of aggravated assault. The family asked for the withdrawal of all charges.

Selladurai will be eligible for full parole after a third of his sentencing has been served.

By: Kyle Larkin

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