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Decent Spelling Land, the Worlds Smallest Population

Hey fellow facebook friends and random internet wanderers, welcome to my first instalment of Larkin’s Spectacular Vernacular. In today’s segment, I’m going to explore a land that so many have dreamed of travelling before, but have lacked the proper qualifications to do so. Yes, I’m talking about Decent Spelling Land, a terrain so scarcely traversed that my foot prints are framed in dust. Now, rather than seeing this blog as jackassery, view it as a tool from a kind fellow who is simply trying to refresh your memory on the basics of the English language. After reading this you’ll be writing perfectly spelled statuses with ease and be awe struck at those who spell congratulations with a ‘d’. So for all those who suffer from the lack of a facebook spell check, enjoy!

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Zero To Zero

My final project for photography, featuring Saquib Rashid.

10 Sports You May Not Know

Many humans, if not most, possess an inherent drive to compete against one another in a test to determine whose raw skill is superior. This competitive urge slowly developed over centuries into organized contests, until sport became a regular convention among most civilizations. Whether sporting called for basic one-on-one fighting skills, or the ability to toss a spear further, it was apparent that competition provided the perfect scapegoat from the troublesome areas of ancient life.

As society advanced, so too did sport. Modern sports have evolved into complicated contests, featuring rulebooks as long as the Bible, and a myriad of leagues comprised of dozens of echelons. North America is dominated by the ‘Big Four’, including the NHL, MLB, NBA, and the NFL. The most popular sport in the world, soccer (or football to the other six billion of you), is played regularly on six continents. This article however, will focus on some of the popular sports around the world you may not be aware of. From as long as 3000 years ago, to as current as 2005, these ten sports will likely test your sporting knowledge.

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Kadri Scores, Winner’s Galore

Nazem Kadri, Toronto’s most highly touted prospect, represents the hope of Tomorrow’s Maple Leafs. Drafted seventh overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, Kadri spent his first year in the Maple Leafs system as a London Knight. Rather than making the jump to the big team, Kadri was demoted to the Marlies due to a poorly played pre-season. However, on November 12, 2010, The NHL’s fourth player of Lebanese descent began his first stint with the Leafs in the 10/11 season. While Kadri hasn’t performed like the rookie of the year in his 11 games, his youth, speed, agility, and skill has injected the Leafs with some spark.

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Crosby Still Young, Next 2000 Point Hopeful (Couldn’t Fit Nash in There)

In the midst of the longest active scoring streak in the NHL, Crosby sits with 17 goals and 14 assists over Pittsburgh’s last 15 games, including 8 goals in the last three games. Crosby’s latest tear brings him to 46 points on the season which is good enough for first in the NHL, slowly spacing himself from the slumping Steven Stamkos. Sid the Kid is projected to finish the 10/11 season with 135 points, a career high for the center who is still fresh under ‘sniper status’ after surprisingly winning last year’s Rocket Richard Trophy. The figure will be the most since Lemieux achieved 161 points in 96.

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Earth, We Hardly Know Ye

Planet Earth.

70% of it is ocean.

95% of that is unexplored.

Around 98% of Earth’s land has been traversed, which means with all figures accounted for, 68.5% of our own planet remains unexplored. In 2010, the Census of Marine Life performed the first ever Marine Census, sending out 2700 scientists from more than 80 countries to study our world’s oceans. The numbers they came back with were quite astounding.

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10 Surprises in the 10/11 Season Thus Far

Every year the National Hockey League has its typical occurrences. Detroit has the best record in the league despite forming their team from the local retirement home. Garth Snow’s New York Islanders are bottoming out. Sidney Crosby leads the league in points, and the Leafs give away 12 goal leads in the dying seconds of a hockey game. What often goes unmerited are the players/teams who weren’t expected to do more than coast throughout the regular season. These surprising efforts surface due to hard work, determination, and the will to show up game after game; something fans of the Phoenix Coyotes have yet to learn. Below are ten surprises from the opening 25 games of the 10/11 NHL regular season:

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