Witnessing the Formation of New Land… Can You Imagine?

Land, what would we be without it? Merpeople? Extremely intelligent fish? Would we exist at all? None of us question land and its worth, it’s just something that exists and is vital to our lives. To us, it’s something that’s always been there and will continue to always be there; grounding us with its firm base and essentials for life. Many of us are content with what Earth has to give us, growing used to its features and focusing our attention more to the mysterious terrains elsewhere in the universe. However, Earth still has much to offer, with its endless oddities and bountiful mysteries. Even something as simple as the creation of new land is baffling, for we all know it happens, but we just accept it as something that occurs behind closed doors and is left for discovery. But for this lucky crew, a routine journey through the South Pacific turned out to be much more. Possibly for the first time ever humans have serendipitously bared witness to the creation of land, as they watched mountains rise from beneath the water in a matter of minutes.

What looks uncannily similar to a beach is instead volcanic stone, spewed from the nearby underwater volcano that created the mountains pictured above.

For more pictures of the event visit here: (where these pictures are from as well) http://www.funzug.com/index.php/nature/amazing-sight-in-the-south-pacific.html

For info on volcanic formation visit here: http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/natural-disasters/volcano2.htm

To see some more ‘Geological Wonders’ of the world that you probably don’t know about, visit this blog by Oddee: http://www.oddee.com/item_97312.aspx

    • Greg Evenden
    • January 10th, 2011

    Walter Cronkite would be impressed. I enjoyed the photos, and the setup. I also enjoyed the use of the word “oddity,” which tickled me in a naughty place.

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