Councillor Crawford against proposed turbine project

Newly elected Councillor of Ward 36, Gary Crawford, is strongly opposed to the proposed wind turbine project along the Scarborough Bluffs.

Crawford was quick to express his dismay over the matter, clearly outlining some of his issues with the project.

“I am completely against it, they just don’t make sense at an economic level. The cost is too much,” Crawford said in an interview over the phone Tuesday.

The local protest group known as Save the Bluffs state on their website that consumers pay an average of 2.5 times more for power generated from wind turbines than normal system prices.

Coupled with the economical complication is the problem of noise levels, as wind turbines that are too close to residential areas have been known to affect the health of nearby residents. However, moving the turbines further out drives the costs even higher.

“It’s more economically feasible to have them closer to shore,” Crawford said.

“The cost increases the farther away you place them, it becomes directly high.”

Toronto Hydro Energy wants to erect the wind turbines on the shores of ward 36. The ongoing debate is whether or not enough research has been put into the long term effects of the project.

Local environmental groups worry that there could be negative environmental results to the land, and possible health issues for the community.

John Laforet, president of Wind Concerns Ontario, a province wide coalition of like minded individuals who seek to raise awareness about the impacts of wind power facilities is glad to hear Crawford is against the turbines.

“It’s important that he is against it, it’s a city project and if they’re not happy with it the city can tell Toronto Hydro there is no project,” Laforet said.

Michelle Mears, office manager for Bluffer’s Park Marina hasn’t heard any of the residents complain about the turbine project.

“The people who are against the proposal are the advocates from Guildwood, the residents from the marina are not too concerned to my knowledge,” Mears said.

With advocate groups having a new like minded person representing Ward 36 the turbine project just might amount to nothing but hot air.

By: Kyle Larkin, Cole Carruthers


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