A Playoff Preview from Your Future Reporters

A Playoff Preview from Your Future Reporters

No need for an introduction! You know what this is. James Wattie will take the East, I will take the West:

Canucks vs. Blackhawks

Winner: Canada’s best hope
How Long: 6 games
SWG: Burrows
Deciding Factor: Crawford will flop
Random Prediction: Henrik will have more goals than Daniel


Sharks vs. Kings

Winner: The perennial playoff flops
How long: 7 games
SWG: Clowe
Deciding Factor: Niemi will continue to shine in the post-season
Random Prediction: Smyth will lead the series in points


Red Wings vs. Future Jets

Winner: The geezers
How long: 6 games
SWG: Holmstrom
Deciding Factor: Zetterberg’s return
Random Prediction: There will be four overtimes.


Ducks vs. Predators

Winner: Mallards
How long: 5
SWG: Ryan
Deciding Factor: Underwood’s husband will suffer from a lower-body injury after the first game
Random Prediction: Nashville will have its largest audience ever


Next up we have James with the East:


Capitals vs. Rangers

Winner: Obama’s House
How Long: 6 games
SWG: Ovechkin (has 11 GWG, leads team and tied for most in the league with Perry)
Deciding Factor: Semin breaks out in the post season for the first time
Random Prediction: Green gets 5 goals


Flyers vs. Sabres

Winner: It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia
How Long: 7 games
SWG: Briere
Deciding Factor: JVR will not be stopped
Random Prediction: Vanek will win points battle, lose series


Bruins vs. Canadiens

Winner: Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow
How Long: 6 games
SWG: Lucic
Deciding Factor:  Thomas will shine, Price is wrong
Random Prediction: Kaberle will look lost in the playoffs


Penguins vs. Lightning

Winner: Thunderstruck
How Long: 6 games
SWG: St. Louis
Deciding Factor: Crosby-less Penguins can’t fly
Random Prediction: Crosby will show up in Game 5, won’t change the series


There you have it, What do you think? Drop a comment below!

All pictures courtesy of Google Images.

By: Kyle Larkin and James Wattie

Read James’ blog here: http://jameswattie.wordpress.com/2011/04/13/playoff-preview-from-your-future-reporters/

  1. April 13th, 2011

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