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Top Ten Movies of 2012

When I looked back at all the movies released in 2012, I was surprised at how many I’d actually seen. After perusing the list I compiled, it dawned upon me that 2012 offered an abundance of top-caliber films, especially in comparison to years of yore. I can’t remember looking forward to so many movies in the previous 21 years of my life. Of course, there were still a few flicks that made me regret spending my 12 dollars, which, on the other hand, made me glad I didn’t waste my precious scene points. The two hours I spent watching Snow White and the Huntsmen would have been better spent re-alphabetizing my book shelf. The Campaign was an abysmal waste of time and The Amazing Spiderman was just The Mediocre Spiderman. However, it’s not the flops I’m worried about today. It’s the cinematic adventures that immersed me into their universes with their wonderfully spun tales and dashing unprecedented action. Here is my top ten movies of 2012

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2012’s Christmas Present: the 2013 Jays

Blue Jay Christmas

On the first day of Christmas the Blue Jays gave to me, a legitimate contending team.

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A Little Talent of Mine

Remember that video of Alyssa who can say words backwards? I was stunned because I had no idea other people shared the same hobby. Saying words backwards (that is, more like reading them backwards) is something I’ve done since I was twelve. Seeing people enjoy her video made me want to make a video as well. Except, competitiveness being a major part of my nature, I made one with a twist. My pal James Wattie compiled four lists of 15 words using a random word generator. These lists and the words they contained were entirely unknown to me. The object was to see how fast I could say them backwards. This video was my fourth try (the last list), and also my best time. Here it is:

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Stream of Consciousness

I want to start off by saying I’m very disappointed in myself. The last time I legitimately wrote something was the essay I posted on here eight months ago. As someone who envisions himself to be a successful writer in the future, that’s definitely not the right way to begin. I miss writing and the feeling it gives me after having written something I know is good. For me, one of the most invigorating feelings is finishing a story or an essay. So here I am. At this point I’m considering myself back in the game.

I had the sudden realization recently that my eight month departure from writing has affected my writing skills, and it hit me like an ice-cold slap to the face. So the task of getting back into writing, something which I knew had to be done for a while now, became that much harder. How does one feel good about their muse when they know the ability of their former self overshadows their present self? The only answer I was able to muster was simply to just do. Just write. Any and every way possible.

Then that little light bulb locked away deep in the recesses of a dungeon in the castle that is my noggin lit up. I remembered what got me interested in writing in the first place. Grade 12 I took a course called Creative Writing. I enjoyed the course, but I didn’t love it until one week in particular when we were assigned a certain task. We were to write a stream of consciousness.  All you do is write, and write without stopping. Whatever is at the forefront of your brain you translate from thought into written word. No stopping. It was as simple as that, and I loved every second of it. So much potential for random ideas. It hardly ever makes sense which is the best part about it. It’s kind of like a Douglas Adams novel.

So here I am. I’m back in the game with a stream of consciousness which happens to make no sense. Invigorating indeed.

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