A Little Talent of Mine

Remember that video of Alyssa who can say words backwards? I was stunned because I had no idea other people shared the same hobby. Saying words backwards (that is, more like reading them backwards) is something I’ve done since I was twelve. Seeing people enjoy her video made me want to make a video as well. Except, competitiveness being a major part of my nature, I made one with a twist. My pal James Wattie compiled four lists of 15 words using a random word generator. These lists and the words they contained were entirely unknown to me. The object was to see how fast I could say them backwards. This video was my fourth try (the last list), and also my best time. Here it is:


For anyone wondering why or how, here’s my little back story. Back in grade seven, I exited the same doors for recess every day. On the outside of the door there was a sticker with large bold, red letters saying “MAXIMUM.” However, from the other side, it looked like “MUMIXAM.” Every time I ran outside to claim the football field for our grade I would read that on my way out. I’m not sure how exactly it began after that, but I suppose I slowly started to read other words backwards as I would see them on paper. Soon after it translated to words I would hear, and I pictured them in my brain. This helped to fuel my fascination with words, and I developed other little skills as well. Being able to picture words so easily allowed me to count the amount of letters in a word almost instantly. And from there I developed another skill which has consumed my brain ever since. But that one is a lot more long-winded and I won’t bother or bore you with a confusing explanation. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my video. When I get home from work tonight I’m going to research how I can set a Guinness World Record, another fascination of mine. (I’ve owned every Guinness book since I was 8).

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