Some Interesting Stats Thus Far

There have only been 26 games thus far in the young 2012/2013 NHL season, but all ready the league has come back with a bang. Thanks to the crammed schedule, the past three days have provided a plethora of highlight reel goals, saves and plays that have managed to hush lockout critics and excite fans once more. I’ve no doubt Bettman and Fehr are laughing while swishing their brandy and clipping their cigars as the excitement and mirth among fans have cast a daunting shadow over those who still hold a grudge toward the NHL. But no matter where you stand, it’s hard to deny the NHL’s flashy return. Here are some interesting stats:

1. Rookies have come out flying thanks to their half-season warm-up before the NHL’s return. Vladimir Tarasenko sits under Vanek at the top of the leader board with three goals and two assists. Cory Conacher has been a pleasant surprise with one goal and three assists while Jonathan Huberdeau isn’t far behind with a goal and two assists.

2. Per The Hockey News’ Jason Kay: “Steven Stamkos estimates (…) that it’ll take 36 or 37 goals to win/defend the Rocket Richard Trophy this year.” This would equate to .75 goals-per-game, a mark that is .02% higher than Stamkos’ mark last year.

3. Goals against by division:

  • Central 31
  • Southeast 29
  • Atlantic: 27
  • Pacific: 27
  • Northwest: 27
  • Northeast: 11

4. 40-year-old Jagr and 42-year-old Selanne each have four points in their first two games. They sit at 1348 and 1343 games respectively.

5. Many vouched to boycott the NHL if it were to return, but according to the CBC, an average of 3.3 million viewers donned their jerseys and shotgunned a beer while watching the Leafs/Habs tilt on Saturday night. In total, 9.3 million Canadians watched the game at some point, which is 27% of the population.

6. Looks like Gomez is being scooped up by the Sharks. Who saw that one coming? Maybe the much-needed change will help him return to the Gomez of old, where the Devils saw him accrue 450 points in 548 games.

7. Teams with the least experience from goaltenders by games: Winnipeg – 245, San Jose – 190, Washington – 130, Boston – 111 (without Thomas), Toronto – 85.

8. The Atlantic Division, by an astronomical landslide, has by far the most experience from its goaltenders with a total of 5046. 1192 of those belong to Brodeur.

9. If you aren’t satisfied with these stats, this one will surely blow your mind. My roommate bought NHL 13 on Sunday and our team is 3 – 3 – 1. We’re still learning.


If you have noticed any other trends or interesting stats drop a comment. I’d love to hear!



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