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Guild Inn Gets the Guillotine

The city of Toronto has rejected Centennial College’s proposal to redevelop the historic Guild Inn in Scarborough.

In 2008, the college had proposed to build a 120-room hotel with plans to restore the Bickford residence. The two-phase project also included adding a restaurant, banquet facility and spa.

Earlier this year, Centennial stated they would be unable to carry on with the original plan due to a slowing global economy and presented a new proposal. Centennial’s development consultant, Pannell Kerr Foster, suggested a senior-friendly condominium building would allow the college to meet its financial obligations needed to restore the Bickford residence. Continue reading


2024 Olympics: Toronto’s Best Hope

Third place in 1996. Second place in 2008. The Summer Olympics have been rather elusive in Toronto’s case, losing to Atlanta, Georgia and Beijing, China, respectively.

After a city council meeting in early August, Toronto’s chances of hosting the 32nd Olympiad in 2020 became null, after council voted against submitting a bid.

Despite growing interest from civic leaders across the province, it wasn’t enough to convince
Mayor Rob Ford that Toronto can afford the hefty price tag. And without backing from all three
levels of government, requesting a bid for an event of such stature is nigh impossible.

But for Canadian sporting enthusiasts and Olympic aficionados, there may just be hope yet. If
the planets align and the sporting gods give their blessing to the city, Toronto looks to be in good shape to bid for the 2024 Olympics.

President of the Devon Group, Bob RIchardson, poses in his office on Bloor and Bay on Nov. 4. Richardson was the chief operating officer for Toronto’s 2008 second place bid.

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The Roof is Open for the Future of Baseball in Toronto

Travis Logan winds up for a long distance throw at Wishing Well Park on Oct. 3.

It’s getting dark pretty early these days… guess the kids could turn the spot lights on. The infields are flooded, but I suppose Travis could practice in the outfield for now. Can’t get away with a t-shirt at night anymore, he might as well throw on a jacket.

The conditions of Wishing Well Park in Scarborough aren’t optimal in October, but it’s not enough to stop Travis Logan and his peers from practising as much as possible. Sure the season ended over a month ago, but there’s plenty of time in the winter for the young teenagers to hone their skills on their way to being a professional.

The road to professional baseball is a road seldom travelled by Torontonians, which is exactly why Colin Cummins created Red Eye Pro Baseball. The new training facility, which opened in Scarborough last year, was built for kids like Travis Logan.

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Voters Paint the Town Red

Photo credit: James Wattie

Voters painted Scarborough red again on Oct. 6, with all six ridings remaining in Liberal hands.

Scarborough-Guildwood was expected to be a tight race between MPP Maragrett Best and PC candidate Gary Elis, a former police superintendent in 42 and 43 Divisions. The results, though, told a different story.

Best won with nearly 50 per cent of the vote, comfortably retaining her seat at Queen’s Park for a second term.

Scarborough-Southwest PC candidate Mike Chopowick lost his bid, finishing third behind victorious incumbent Liberal Lorenzo Berardinetti and NDP candidate Bruce Budd. Berardinetti scooped 44 per cent of the vote while Chopowick received about 21 per cent. Second-place finisher Budd got just over 31 per cent of the vote.

Liberal incumbent Brad Duguid in Scarborough Centre won most comfortably in Scarborough, receiving more than 51 per cent of the vote, beating PC contender Carol Williams, who finished with about 24 per cent of ballots cast.

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Stingers baseball paves way for Scarborough talent

Courtey Google Images

With the grudging end to the hockey season, April brings with it a new sport for Canadians to anticipate. For many Torontonians, baseball is just as exciting as the nation’s favourite sport.

But the growth and support of baseball in Toronto has been lethargic. Sports like soccer, basketball and even cricket seem to gain more support every year while baseball’s popularity declines.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Eight years ago, the Scarborough Stingers were formed and have grown ever since.

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Toronto streets ‘sluttier’ than ever

Toronto Stars Heather Mallick protests during Slutwalk outside Toronto Police Headquarters

When a large group of people protest for a righteous cause it’s hard to describe the feeling, but arguably no protest was more ineffable than Toronto’s SlutWalk this Sunday.

Thousands of every race, colour, gender status and identity gathered outside Old City Hall to “take back” the word slut. The male presence and support was unmistakable, and LGBTQ’s plight was never more obvious.

The cause for Sunday’s gathering confused many outsiders. But any confusion was diluted quickly into the protest.

“We are here because we’ve had enough. Enough of being told that we should be ashamed of ourselves, ashamed of our appearance, ashamed of our pleasure and ashamed of being victimized,” said Sonya Barnett, one of SlutWalk’s co-founders.

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Relocation, Monopolies, and Headshots: the NHL According to Dave Naylor

With the NHL coming close to its final stretch in the regular season, you’d think the fans and the media would be anticipating the playoffs. But that’s not entirely the case this year it seems, for the drama in Glendale, Arizona is ever-present.

Hockey fans keep one eye on the playoff chase, while the other is fixated on Gary Bettman and what his army of suits plan to do with the failing Phoenix Coyote franchise.

“The league owns the team. They don’t want to own it anymore because they’re losing $40M a year,” said TSN reporter Dave Naylor in front of a class of journalism students at Centennial College Wednesday. Naylor spent several weeks in Phoenix covering the debacle.

“[The league has] a deal on the table that is threatened by a lawsuit, (…) time is becoming an issue for next year, I believe if that deal crumbles that they will be in Winnipeg very, very soon.” Continue reading