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Top Ten Movies I Look Forward to Seeing in 2013

James Tweet

James was right. No hockey equals winter boredom. I replaced my first love with my second: movies. Glorious, fantastical movies. However, unless you live under a rock, nay, a mountain, you probably heard the lockout has reached a tentative agreement. But that won’t stop me from talking about movies. You see, I’m still mad at hockey. Hockey broke up with me and it took several months to recover. Now that it’s back, I can’t just dive back in head first, or I’ll seem desperate (Who am I kidding, I’m desperate). Anyway, here’s what 2013’s got cookin’, plus a few honourable mentions.

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Top Ten Movies of 2012

When I looked back at all the movies released in 2012, I was surprised at how many I’d actually seen. After perusing the list I compiled, it dawned upon me that 2012 offered an abundance of top-caliber films, especially in comparison to years of yore. I can’t remember looking forward to so many movies in the previous 21 years of my life. Of course, there were still a few flicks that made me regret spending my 12 dollars, which, on the other hand, made me glad I didn’t waste my precious scene points. The two hours I spent watching Snow White and the Huntsmen would have been better spent re-alphabetizing my book shelf. The Campaign was an abysmal waste of time and The Amazing Spiderman was just The Mediocre Spiderman. However, it’s not the flops I’m worried about today. It’s the cinematic adventures that immersed me into their universes with their wonderfully spun tales and dashing unprecedented action. Here is my top ten movies of 2012

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A Little Something I’m Proud Of

On top of journalism, I’m also a philosophy minor. One of the courses I took this semester was Political Philosophy in the twentieth century. It wasn’t a topic I was entirely new to, however, I was definitely not prepared for how in depth the course would actually be. The readings and the essay questions were scary hard, but I worked diligently and came away with some of my best marks. Our second assignment had me scrambling, but I eventually produced this essay as a final product. I received a 95% and got the best mark in class. This is the essay I’m most proud of in my4-year tenure at U of T.

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Malvern feeling blue after rough loss to Senator O’Connor

#15 of the Malvern Black Knights drives the ball on the outside for a first down. Malvern lost 28 - 1 in the east region finals at Esther Shiner Stadium on Oct 10.

Everything that could have gone wrong for the Malvern Black Knights high school junior football team, did.

In a winner-goes-on match against rival Senator O’Connor, nothing seemed to click as they lost decidedly by a final score of 28–1 in the east region finals at Esther Shiner Stadium on Oct 10.

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Muslim ball hockey bridges gap for youth minorities

Sticks are clashing, players are yelling, shots ring off the boards and the buzzer sounds. It looks and sounds like your typical hockey game at the local arena, except for one minor detail – no one is white.

Hockey, habitually known as Canada’s favourite sport, takes a spin on Saturdays as Muslim enthusiasts line the corridors at the Stephen Leacock Arena. Sixteen teams comprised entirely of Muslims embody the Madina Hockey League (MHL), a ball hockey league for those aged 15 and up.

But these aren’t just pickup games of shinny, they’re every bit as intense as one would expect a hockey game to be.

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Witnessing the Formation of New Land… Can You Imagine?

Land, what would we be without it? Merpeople? Extremely intelligent fish? Would we exist at all? None of us question land and its worth, it’s just something that exists and is vital to our lives. To us, it’s something that’s always been there and will continue to always be there; grounding us with its firm base and essentials for life. Many of us are content with what Earth has to give us, growing used to its features and focusing our attention more to the mysterious terrains elsewhere in the universe. However, Earth still has much to offer, with its endless oddities and bountiful mysteries. Even something as simple as the creation of new land is baffling, for we all know it happens, but we just accept it as something that occurs behind closed doors and is left for discovery. But for this lucky crew, a routine journey through the South Pacific turned out to be much more. Possibly for the first time ever humans have serendipitously bared witness to the creation of land, as they watched mountains rise from beneath the water in a matter of minutes.

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Zero To Zero

My final project for photography, featuring Saquib Rashid.