2010 Lou Marsh Trophy

The Lou Marsh Trophy, awarded annually to Canada’s top athlete, may be in for a bit of a horse race this year. After Toronto born Joey Votto was granted the 2010 N.L. M.V.P.  Monday, competition stiffened enormously.

Votto’s opponent?  Chicago Blackhawk’s star captain Jonathan Toews. While garnering one of baseball’s two MVP awards was no easy feat for Votto, being awarded Best Forward at the Vancouver Olympics, Conn Smythe in the 2010 NHL finals, and leading a team to the Stanley Cup was definitely not a walk in the park for Toews either.

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University of Toronto at Scarborough, Not Your Typical Work Field

Universities and colleges around North America are commonly known to be party hubs, a place for teenagers and young adults alike to celebrate through whatever means necessary while working to fulfill the rest of their lives.

Many students graduate from secondary school and move on to their post secondary education with two things in mind: what they want to be when they graduate, and when the next party is. So how does this bode for the students who work as Residence Advisors (Ra’s) who have to interfere with these parties?

The RA’s at UTSC have the esteemed honour of representing the top school in Canada, and the 17th best in the world in The Higher Education’s 2010 ranking. It is the duty of an RA to make sure that students don’t party too hard andor breach the rules and regulations of residence at UTSC.  It is their duty to uphold the University of Toronto’s reverence, to many a student’s dismay.

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No City Hall for Hall… Again

In almost a mirror image of the 2006 election, Diana Hall is second best for the second time in her bid for councillor of Ward 44. After losing to Ron Moeser by only 0.4 per cent four years ago, Hall lost by 1.3 per cent Monday night.

“I’m actually surprised. I just feel that maybe some of our people didn’t get out,” Hall told her disappointed supporters in her campaign office on Rylander Avenue after the results came in.

Visibly upset, and a bit teary eyed, all Hall could do was accept her fate.

“I was surprised that Ron won, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles,” Hall added.

The night started off well when half way through the vote count Diana had the upper hand over Ron Moeser. CP 24 even announced Hall to be the victor a mere 15 minutes after polls closed, but that proved to be premature.

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Ward 44 Profile

Ward 44 is the last of the wards, and is home to 58 235 people. As many would expect, the diversity among people living in Ward 44 is vast with a population of 1000 or more people from 10 different countries. The most common language is English, and the average income is $90,806. Ward 44 has a higher percentage of family households than most other wards. Four years ago, 40% the area voted. It is home to the University of Toronto Scarborough as well as Centennial College. The incumbent councillor is Ron Moeser, who is being challenged in 2010 by Diana Hall, and Heath Thomas. Many consider this year’s election to be an event similar to four years ago, as Hall and Moeser are close competitors. After only losing by 61 votes, Hall hopes to have a stronger influence in the years push for councillor of ward 44.

Kyle Larkin

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