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How the Standings Would Look With the 3-Point System

LogosThere have been recent musings in the Twitter-verse suggesting the possibility of the NHL implementing the 3-point system in the near future. The system, which would grant three points for a regulation win and two points for an overtime win, has slowly been gaining traction over the last couple years. The issue many hope to solve is the abundance of 3-point games and teams who desire merely to make it to overtime rather than strive for that winning goal in the dying minutes. Doling out three points for a regulation victory was a suggestion among many others, though lately the league has been warming up to the European system and all but ignoring the other ideas. The system would almost surely see teams working extra hard to end that tie and avoid overtime. The entire dynamic of the third period changes, as teams would sacrifice their defensive traps and focus more diligently on the three points looming ahead of them. Adjusting a point system is a major change for a league to undergo, but one that seams to make a glaring amount of sense from a lot of angles.

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