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Guild Inn Gets the Guillotine

The city of Toronto has rejected Centennial College’s proposal to redevelop the historic Guild Inn in Scarborough.

In 2008, the college had proposed to build a 120-room hotel with plans to restore the Bickford residence. The two-phase project also included adding a restaurant, banquet facility and spa.

Earlier this year, Centennial stated they would be unable to carry on with the original plan due to a slowing global economy and presented a new proposal. Centennial’s development consultant, Pannell Kerr Foster, suggested a senior-friendly condominium building would allow the college to meet its financial obligations needed to restore the Bickford residence. Continue reading


Canadian Sports Broadcaster Basks in American Success

ESPN’s award winning broadcaster, Dan Shulman, represents the epitome of Canadian talent, quietly climbing the ranks behind the microphone over the last two decades.

Shulman’s special talent for play-by-play announcing is much more recognized south of the 49, however, due to his knack for calling baseball and basketball games. In fact his efforts were enough for Sports Illustrated to grant him the award for announcer of the decade.

Shulman remains modest in his success, considering himself a hard worker who doesn’t get caught up in his achievements.

“I say this to a lot of people, ‘this is not who I am, it’s what I do for a living,’” Shulman said in front of a class full of students last Wednesday at Scarborough’s Centennial College.

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