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How to Look Smarter on Facebook and Twitter: Part Two

You may recall the first instalment of “How to Look Smarter” in which a few common spelling and/or grammatical mistakes were outlined. Well, you didn’t think I’d stop there did you? There’s no shortage of stupidity on the internet, and while that may be attributed to a lack of proper education as previously discussed, it just can’t always be the case. With all the hustle and bustle of today’s demanding, multifaceted life, learning proper English sometimes takes a back seat. While some users have a natural linguistic ability, it’s blatantly obvious that others are either unaware, or just don’t care. It’s not uncommon to stumble upon a person with 1000 friends or 10 000 followers who is still incapable of distinguishing some of the more common homonyms. Continue reading


Decent Spelling Land, the Worlds Smallest Population

Hey fellow facebook friends and random internet wanderers, welcome to my first instalment of Larkin’s Spectacular Vernacular. In today’s segment, I’m going to explore a land that so many have dreamed of travelling before, but have lacked the proper qualifications to do so. Yes, I’m talking about Decent Spelling Land, a terrain so scarcely traversed that my foot prints are framed in dust. Now, rather than seeing this blog as jackassery, view it as a tool from a kind fellow who is simply trying to refresh your memory on the basics of the English language. After reading this you’ll be writing perfectly spelled statuses with ease and be awe struck at those who spell congratulations with a ‘d’. So for all those who suffer from the lack of a facebook spell check, enjoy!

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