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NHL – National Hockey Literally

Roman Coliseum – borrowed from

While growing up and forcing my eyeballs to consume as much sports as possible, I often caught myself in reverie wondering what it would be like if a team’s moniker was more than just that. What if a team was literally its’ nickname or logo and how would that translate to their performance? Let’s take a look at how the NHL would fare and see who emerges victorious in these literal interpretations.

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Relocation, Monopolies, and Headshots: the NHL According to Dave Naylor

With the NHL coming close to its final stretch in the regular season, you’d think the fans and the media would be anticipating the playoffs. But that’s not entirely the case this year it seems, for the drama in Glendale, Arizona is ever-present.

Hockey fans keep one eye on the playoff chase, while the other is fixated on Gary Bettman and what his army of suits plan to do with the failing Phoenix Coyote franchise.

“The league owns the team. They don’t want to own it anymore because they’re losing $40M a year,” said TSN reporter Dave Naylor in front of a class of journalism students at Centennial College Wednesday. Naylor spent several weeks in Phoenix covering the debacle.

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Top Ten Ways to Tell That You’re a Fighter in the NHL

The role of a fighter in the NHL is one that has evolved through the years as the game has changed. The famous fighters from the 70’s and 80’s were some of the toughest, grittiest men you could meet, and they refused to let anybody near their team’s star players. Many of the fighters in the 90’s were more dynamic, as they added a scoring touch to their ability to drop the gloves on a nightly basis. Lately, and especially since the lock-out, fighting has become more of a staged performance. Today’s tough men fight more for show and to spark their team rather than in defence of their teammates. The once dynamic role has now dwindled into a position that requires less skill, and more ability to throw a jab. The following is a top ten list of why you might be a fighter in today’s NHL:

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