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Some Interesting Stats Thus Far

There have only been 26 games thus far in the young 2012/2013 NHL season, but all ready the league has come back with a bang. Thanks to the crammed schedule, the past three days have provided a plethora of highlight reel goals, saves and plays that have managed to hush lockout critics and excite fans once more. I’ve no doubt Bettman and Fehr are laughing while swishing their brandy and clipping their cigars as the excitement and mirth among fans have cast a daunting shadow over those who still hold a grudge toward the NHL. But no matter where you stand, it’s hard to deny the NHL’s flashy return. Here are some interesting stats:

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NHL Standings Based on Every March Since the Lockout

It’s been six years since the lockout, and for Leafs fans, every single one has been just about the same. Toronto sits five points back of the Rangers, who has a game in hand with five games to play. Chances for a playoff berth are slim, and as all of you already know, it will most likely be the sixth year in a row we piggyback another team so we have something to cheer for. (I assume most of us will cheer for Vancouver, since they’re Canadian and not the Habs or Sens). Anyways, back on track! Let’s talk about March, Toronto’s dream month. 31 days of the best hockey we see every year. I’m not going to waste your time talking about why, but I will rock your world with some stats.

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How the League Would Look if Shutouts Never Occurred

Good news: James Reimer gave another solid performance on Saturday night, posting his second shutout in just his fourteenth NHL game.

Bad news: The Leafs were also shut out, losing to newly acquired Craig Anderson in the shoot-out after failing to score on 47 attempts.

In just their 59th game, Toronto managed to be shut out for a league high tenth time, six higher than the league average. What is the cause for this confounding level of inconsistency? Well, there are dozens of reasons, most of which could be found in a blog almost daily or in comments in Leaf threads. The Leafs lack of consistent scoring is arguably the biggest reason why Toronto is on the outside of a playoff spot looking in. If Toronto had even taken just one point in five of those contests, they would only be two points out of a playoff spot and ninth in the Eastern Conference.

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