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Octogenarians Rule This House


Team Scarboro poses after closing out the season with a 10-2 victory and finishing fourth in the Octogenarian Curling League on March 4. From left: Harold Jamieson, 85, Roy Johnson, 82, Ken Smith, 82, and Bill Greer, 81.

Roy Johnson straps on his helmet, slips on a knee brace, grabs his broom and heads out onto the sheet.At 82, he doesn’t plan on quitting curling any time soon, thanks, he says, to a key invention.

“The reason that I can curl now is the development of the stick,” said Johnson, a member of the Scarboro Golf and Country Club.

“Rather than having to come out of the hack on my knee, I can now just walk out and use the stick without bending over,” he said.

As decades pass, bones start to ache, balance isn’t what it used to be and the likelihood of needing surgery increases. Obstacles like these make crouching into the hack and balancing on one leg tougher.

This is exactly what Eric Downer, an over-80 curler, had in mind when he helped invent what is now dubbed “the stick.” Also known as a “cue,” the five-foot long shaft has a bendable plastic tube at the bottom that slips over the handle of a rock.

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