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Toronto streets ‘sluttier’ than ever

Toronto Stars Heather Mallick protests during Slutwalk outside Toronto Police Headquarters

When a large group of people protest for a righteous cause it’s hard to describe the feeling, but arguably no protest was more ineffable than Toronto’s SlutWalk this Sunday.

Thousands of every race, colour, gender status and identity gathered outside Old City Hall to “take back” the word slut. The male presence and support was unmistakable, and LGBTQ’s plight was never more obvious.

The cause for Sunday’s gathering confused many outsiders. But any confusion was diluted quickly into the protest.

“We are here because we’ve had enough. Enough of being told that we should be ashamed of ourselves, ashamed of our appearance, ashamed of our pleasure and ashamed of being victimized,” said Sonya Barnett, one of SlutWalk’s co-founders.

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Kadri Scores, Winner’s Galore

Nazem Kadri, Toronto’s most highly touted prospect, represents the hope of Tomorrow’s Maple Leafs. Drafted seventh overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, Kadri spent his first year in the Maple Leafs system as a London Knight. Rather than making the jump to the big team, Kadri was demoted to the Marlies due to a poorly played pre-season. However, on November 12, 2010, The NHL’s fourth player of Lebanese descent began his first stint with the Leafs in the 10/11 season. While Kadri hasn’t performed like the rookie of the year in his 11 games, his youth, speed, agility, and skill has injected the Leafs with some spark.

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